Bonner Animal Rescue Presents at Bonner Springs Rotary Club Meeting

Janet Crouch, Bonner Rescue Cat Coordinator

Janet Crouch, Bonner Rescue Cat Coordinator

Last week, Bonner Animal Rescue served as the weekly Bonner Springs Rotary program. Information shared includes:

  • Bonner Animal Rescue saved 250 animals in 2012.
  • It is a volunteer organization that is a 501(c)3 and is funded 100 percent by donations.
  • Located at 104 Forest St. next to the Bonner Springs veterinary clinic.
  • Plans of partnering with one of the funded groups in Kansas City such as Wayside Waifs.
  • Offer animals for adoption at Pet Smart stores and other locations.
  • You can assist by providing foster care for a pet until its owner or a suitable home is found, networking, or helping various needs of the organization.
  • Animals are euthanized when the may be dangerous, diseased or mortally injured.
  • Learn more at and LIKE the Bonner Animal Rescue Facebook page.

Bonner Rescue

Thank you, Janet Crouch for your time!


Bonner Springs Rotary Club Honors BSHS Students with Three $1,000 Scholarships

Fellow Rotarians presented three $1,000 scholarships at the Rotary Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Dinner at Tall Oaks. 2013 Scholarship AwardeesBSHS Senior Scholarship awardees from left to right are Andrea Wiglesworth – RICHARD BURNS AWARD, Jordan Lackner – DEL HININGER and Cassady Holloway – ROBERT CLARK AWARD.

In addition, Juniors Scholars were also honored from left to right are Emily Prince – LANGUAGE ARTS, Tre Scott – SCIENCE, Austin Schuler – MATHMATICS and Ryan Turner – INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY. Denni Pressley, Rachel Barber, Brianna Sawyer and Justin Carroll were not present for the photo. Ryan Turner’s dad, Mike, was the recipient of the same recognition for Industrial Technology in 1972.

Scholarship funds were raised through various local fundraisers by the Bonner Springs Rotary Club.