There’s something that all Rotary club members have in common: We take action. As community volunteers, we reach out to neighbors in need. We build, support, and organize. We save lives. We work locally and globally.

Around the world and around the corner, the 1.2 million men and women of Rotary:

  • Get involved in their communities
  • Connect with other professionals
  • Share their time and experience with young people
  • Support global causes, such as eradicating polio
  • Use their skills to help others

Whether you’re a veteran volunteer or new to community service, we’re looking for people like you.

2021-2022 Board Officers

  • President: Bill Miller
  • Vice-President:
  • Secretary: Jack Granath
  • Treasurer: Nancy Goss
  • Officers: Jim Bishop, Rita Hoag, Bruce Coleman (past president)


  • Anders, Jen
  • Bishop, Jim
  • Brungardt, Dan
  • Budy, Patrick
  • Carlstedt, Michelle
  • Coleman, Bruce
  • Cox, Judy
  • Donahue, Darrell
  • Eaves, Matt
  • Ertel, Deron
  • Gates, Jill
  • Goss, Nancy
  • Granath, Jack
  • Grube, Jill
  • Hanks, Warren
  • Hoag, Rita
  • Jacobsen, Sol
  • Krone, Lisa
  • Meditz, Dave
  • Miller, Bill
  • Miller, Jim
  • Miller, Mike
  • Miller, Roger
  • Sproules, Marva


Interested in joining the Bonner Springs Rotary? Contact

Find us on social media: Facebook at or on Twitter, @BonnerRotary

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