Step Back in Time to Benefit Our Future

f58c4804e437f7d5c8f868a708cc41e3The start of the roaring twenties brought with it a multitude of history making events. Women began working while men were away at war and continued working even after their husbands returned.  Americans began moving into the city and the nations wealth had doubled. The growth of wealth, mass produced goods and music, access to vehicles, and women’s independence didn’t sit well with all Americans.  Many thought the culture had become much too “racy” and made it their mission to end the free spirited movement that was overtaking their society.  To these Americans, the passage of the Volstead Act, prohibiting “intoxicating beverages”, was a means to moving back in time to a place they were more comfortable with and where change wasn’t prevalent.

On November 1, we are stepping back in time, but not to hinder progress, to advance it for local charities dedicated to creating a better society for families in the Bonner Springs and surrounding areas.  Please mark your calendar and purchase your tickets for the Speakeasy benefiting Vaughn-Trent Community Services Inc. and Allegro Choirs of Kansas City.   For just $55 enjoy dinner, music, drinks, entertainment, dancing and two free drinks.

Online tickets available here.  To purchase with cash or a check, contact Marva at 913.441.2584.

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